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Ideally 3 months is a good amount of time to plan an event if you are booking for just decor. You want to consider all of what you are expecting to have take part at your event from location, custom products, special guests etc. If you are looking to have the full planning package along with decor I encourage you to book as soon as there is a thought! This way your date, venue and other vendors can be reserved. This will also help with those on a budget to have the opportunity to have a payment plan created. 

Currently I serve all of Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

If you have ever planned any form of celebration you know there is a level of stress that arises! Express your ideas and dreams “once” and allow me to fulfill that for you. I will be the communicator to your guests and vendors.  I will drive around and sit on the phone making plans and setting up meetings that coincide with your schedule. I will create solutions when plans don’t go as planned. Your job is simply “JUST SHOW UP!” 

Yes, I do offer a structured payment plan with due dates. Your event will need to be paid in full 1 month prior your event. 

I am a woman of God and I believe that Jesus is my Lord & Savior with that being said I give Him All The Glory! I pray because it’s my fuel. It has gotten me thus far and its the only structure of my business I will not remove.  I am very intentional with the relationships that I build with my clients because I genuinely care and love each and every client and business I serve. I pray to encourage, cover and strengthen whom I come in contact with and to also be guaranteed successful event! Prayer is typically done at the last consultation or day of event with the client I have worked with unless they ask for specific people to be involved. If a client refuses to pray prior event just know it gets done by myself either way 🙂 

No deposits are not refundable. Once a deposit is received it pays for a portion of the work that has already begun. Ex. Time spent creating proposal, researching, driving to venues. 

Emergencies do occur. Date changes are allowed one time if I have the availability without a fee. However, details being altered after a signed contract will result in additional fees. Fees will depend on the extent of the changes. 

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